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    The Main Focus of the Feminist Institute (FI)

Barbara Unmüßig/Executive Board Heinrich Boell FoundationGitti Hentschel/Executive Director FI“The present gives wings to the future.  Fundamental progress is generated by headstrong feminist policy strategies challenging the mainstream.”
Gitti Hentschel, Executive Director FI + Barbara Unmuessig, Executive Board hbs

Security Policy Needs Women
Peace and Security Policy
Peace and security policy, and conflict prevention from a feminist perspective – the global power policy changes and the new security policy concepts are the current focuses of the FI. What role do gender relations play in the development of political crises and violent conflicts? What is their significance in civil conflict management and crisis prevention? What space is there for women’s and peace policy organizations to exert influence in this area – both on a national and international level – and how could their influence be strengthened? These and other questions are thoroughly debated by the FI in special workshops, symposia, colloquia and congresses – all with the help of an honorary working group. Essential findings are documented in special publications and on the Internet.
Inspiration for Green Women
Green Ladies' Lunch 
On a quarterly basis, the FI hosts a roundtable discussion for green and green-oriented women. These women come to Berlin to engage in dialogue, political education, networking, and strategy formation. Participants include women from federal and regional parliaments, political party bodies, academia, the public sector, and other projects. At Ladies Lunch, current political issues are investigated for their gender relevance and sensitivity. Great importance is attached to innovative approaches, as well as to European and intercultural issues.  Ladies Lunch has also successfully expanded to other regional branches of the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation by the name “Ladies Lunch on Tour.”
Developing Theories and Supporting the Next Generation
The Gunda Werner Doctoral Fellowship 
The Gunda Werner Doctoral Fellowship promotes the development of feminist theories and supports the next academic generation. The subject of the Fellowship’s second run-through is “Gender Dynamics in Violent Conflicts.” This is in line with the FI’s current focus, “peace and security policy.” Scientific tuition lies with PD Dr. Christine Eifler (University of Bremen). For each run-through, a maximum of five scholarships are granted. The Run-through “Organizational Reform and Gender Democracy in a Global Context” was successfully completed by professors Dr. Ilse Lenz (University of Bochum) and Dr. Ursula Müller (University of Bielefeld). The Fellowship is named after Gunda Werner, the co-founder of the Frauenanstiftung and first speaker for gender democracy issues at the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation. She died in 2000 at the age of 48.
Feminist Internet Platform
GLOW   www.glow-boell.de 
The Global Center for Women’s Politics – GLOW – is the virtual platform of the FI. GLOW offers an array of opportunities for discussion, education and information in the areas of politics, culture, science and economics. GLOW facilitates global exchange on women’s and gender policy issues, and feminist discourses, contributing to the creation of an international feminist network. There is particular demand by users for the international "Calender of Events", the collections of links under “Networks”, and the comprehensive materials covering the range of FI-topics.


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